Waiting for Favors (live, acoustic)

by Bryan Eldridge Hurst



taken from a radio broadcast on WFPK Radio Louisville, circa 1999 or 2000, "Live at the Bunbury."


When I was young, I was the boy wonder
A junior god of thunder with a transistor amp
But even then, I was easily saddened
Just waiting for Aladdin to come light my lamp

As I grew older, I never asked for favors
Just a little guidance when I'd screw up
A mama's hand, for this little shaver
Who was never a kid, but he could never grow up

But all I got was a line of bad credit
And a knife to spread it `til it got too thin
I wanna know exactly who said it
"Take that needle and thread it, and sew the boy in"

I'm getting tired of waiting for favors
There's no lifesavers left playing this game
Some castor oil for all the little shavers
Pick any kind of flavor, they all taste the same

Now I'm back in line behind some guy that I know
He knows which way the wind blows just by licking his thumb
He don't look bright, but the people pay to see him
He's just like an art museum, who says that kid's dumb?

Tin soldiers rattling their sabers
Like closet masturbators at an open stage
They started out annoying all the neighbors
But get me a translator, `cause I hear they're all the rage

I'm gettin' tired of waiting for favors…

Now I'm back to square one standing
And it's my understanding that I'll be here a while
Until I learn to deliver the goods
With a big red ribbon, and a big dumb smile

It's out of style - but still my little package
Is crawling from the wreckage of too many rhymes
And I apologize for every beat that's missin'
But you're gonna have to listen to me this time

I'm gettin' tired of waiting for favors...


released December 16, 2014
Bryan Eldridge Hurst - vocals, acoustic guitar
Butch Morgan - electric guitar, vocals
Peter Rhee - mandolin, vocals



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