Fiona in the Air (live, acoustic)

by Bryan Eldridge Hurst



Taken from a radio broadcast on WFPK Radio Louisville, circa 1999 or 2000, "Live at the Bunbury." Song inspired by Fiona Ritchie.


I hear her voice from another shore
Once removed by the radio
In the world her mother comes from
They live and love in stereo

She has a voice older than the hills
And it rolls like a wagon
When she speaks, villages appear
Where kings chase dragons

And while the music plays, I see her dancing all alone
Some reel fiona plays, she serenades the folks back home

And if you hear Fiona in the air
You're one of the lucky few
Wrap your ears `round her Caledonian voice
You'll think she's singing just for you

Thousands of watts `cross the Carolina pines
A pot of gold in Fiona's hands
Her words and music like a cutty sail
From her studio on demand

She'll carry you to a world where the music sure will tantalize
And I hear she's casting spells
And if she is, then I'm not surprised

And if you hear Fiona in the air...


released December 16, 2014
Bryan Eldridge Hurst - vocals, acoustic guitar
Butch Morgan - electric guitar, vocals
Peter Rhee - mandolin, vocals



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