by Bryan Eldridge Hurst



The single is finally out - thanks to all those who supported this project by purchasing the "pre-release" version! This song was inspired by my son, Lucas, who is severely autistic, and the great joy in my life (as is his mama). Yes, that's him on the cover - handsome lad! The $5 price includes not just the download, but the actual physical CD... shipping included. Please make sure to include your email address and your shipping address when you make this purchase, and thank you so much!


Crazylegs, crazy how I'm crazy `bout you
Crazylegs, crazy how I'm crazy `bout you (yeah)
You got two big toes on your two big feet - you're always
Hangin' round the kitchen wantin' somethin' to eat
Crazylegs, crazy how I'm crazy `bout you

Crazylegs, why you always runnin' around?
Crazylegs, makin' them crazy sounds
Runnin' `round the back yard, runnin' through the house
No one's ever told you you're as quiet as a mouse
Crazylegs, why you always runnin' around?
(All over Gotham town...)

You're always runnin' here and there - runnin' to and fro
You're runnin' like there's something only Crazylegs knows

Crazylegs, I know you got somethin' to say
… and Crazylegs, I know you're gonna tell us one day
(In your own little way...)
You're waitin' for your moment, just the right time
It's almost like you're plannin' out the perfect crime
Crazylegs, I hope today is the day

Crazylegs, you know your momma's crazy `bout you
Crazylegs, you and me, we're crazy `bout her, too
We're two crazy boys, she's a crazy girl
We're all a little crazy in this mixed up world
Crazylegs, crazy how I'm crazy `bout you
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Crazylegs, I hope you're crazy `bout me too


released September 5, 2016
Dan Fellmeth: drums, percussion
Bryan Eldridge Hurst: lead vocal, guitars, keyboards, etc.
Al Kirby: bass
The Brylettes (backing vocals): Dan and Bryan
Sax solos by Bleedin' Gums

Written and produced by Bryan Eldridge Hurst
Engineered by Al and Bryan
Mastered at Discmakers Sound Lab
Sleeve design by Tom Willis
Inspiration by Lucas

For information about the Bluegrass Center for Autism, including how to support their work, go to



all rights reserved